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Rebecca's Quotes

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"Darel will suffer our evil female powers. He will never have another girlfriend. All the women in the world will boycott him."

"What happens at camp stays at camp... until it gets posted on Facebook."

"Party on the Rebecca bus!"

"I'm the elf queen. I'll frolick if I frickin' want to."

"What the Fudge? ('Cause it's tasty!)"

"I have conquered ye bump!"

"And here is my fire. It's cooking potatoes!"

"Let's talk about teen suicide in our pyjamas."


"What I don't like about history is you can't just guess if you're not sure. Like, 'did that empire fall or not? I guess they got lost in the swamp. Yes, all of them.'"

"Everyone's a little crazy! It's just some people are better at hiding it than others."


"I'm gonna use my passport as an ID when I turn 19. I hope they stamp it every time I use it."

"Schools ARE prisons. You are there for a scheduled amount of years then you get parole, which is basically college or uni, then freedom."

"Thursday is my beautification day considering it is prom."

"This bag smells like Mexico."

"Roses are red, violets are blue, is there room in your pants for two?"

"I feel priveledged that you clicked my MSN window by accident."

"I'm looking forward to my mid-life crisis."


dany the dot says (12:10 AM):
*dude alttp is hard and boring

dany the dot says (9:26 PM):
*i like how young link looked in Oracle of ages/seasons :wub:
*ew, that makes me sound like a pedophile
*delete delete delete

dany the dot says (11:59 PM):
wait brb, my breath smells

"You never know when some Evil Sticker Wasting punk might come into your room with the sole purpose of using these! :O" -Dany

"In other MEGA IMPORTANT NEWS, Mike just showed me a band whose name is 36. so excited. My life is complete. It's ambient music, but I don't care! I'm listening to it, and I guess it's not that bad. XD Their name is freaking 36, so I MUST listen to their songs no matter what! =[ *is being extremely silly*"

"Rebecca, you are so awesome. I could tell you any crap like "I RAN OVER A COFFEE" and you'd still reply to it, unlike other people who would just be like "huh" and change the subject and only care about themselves."


"...and then they had a Mormon orgy."


"It's like putting sprinkles on a turd."


"I'm not a HERmaphrodite! That's so sexist! What about the HEmaphrodites? I'm an ITmaphrodite."

"Now Rebecca darling what is this "emo" thing you are talking about? Is it some sort of fluffy pink elephant, like the one you have in your room. Wow, that was a superfluous thing to say."


"Imagine the clouds parting, and a swan descends from the heavens. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Then it flies up to you, yells "SACRED SWAN!!" in your face, and then gracefully flies away."


"Pi is not funny. Pi is serious."

"You should always nickname your Pokemon. If you don't, and just call it by its species name, it's like calling one of your friends "human". GO, HUMAN! USE FIRE BLAST!"


"[Breaking Dawn] Spoiler alert! Bella is the last Horcrux! And Edward kills Dumbledore!"


"Mintzer asked me if Sonic the Hedgehog was a porcupine."


"I don't know why, but you remind me of a toilet. It's nothing offensive or anything, but when I see you, I think toilets."

"If ECI was Pong, Alex would be the paddle."

"Mary had a little lamb...and then I ate it."


"Wouldn't it be great if the world was in 3-D?"


"It tastes like dainty farts."

"This water tastes like pencil shavings."


"I just checked out 37 books from the library and bought a library bag to carry it all. I'm committing social suicide."

"Hey, some of us are trying to read comic books and play video games here."

"If more is more and less is more, which is more: more or less?"


Michael says (10:00 PM):
*I looooove barfing smileys

"I love how Ken Sugimori changes his art style like, every ten minutes." -Mike J.

"Vegans only eat three things: veggies, soy, and psychedelic drugs." -Mike

"We're gonna have fun in the sun and get rowdy when it's partly cloudy."

"The CN Tower: Toronto's penis."

"When Canada and the US separated from England, we took their language, but we didn't take the instruction manual. So while they say everything eloquently, we're just like 'duh.......... FUCK.'"

"I was born. That's how I did it."


"Yeah, I'm sniffing a glove. Suck it up."

"My iPod case is genuine leather. A cow DIED for this."

"Rebecca, hate is so strong"

"We aren't usually this nerdy."


"Let's open up a store called Tourist Trap. I bet tourists will shop there."


"i remember me going like, 'EEWWW I HATE FACEBOOK' && now, i eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper :|"


"This outfit makes me feel sexy... and DANGEROUS."

"I'm not SURE if I'm a lesbian or not... but boobs are awesome."

Ryan [A]

"When I was little, I would bang my head on the wall when I wanted something."

"I milked an elephant."

"If I were turned into a woman, I'd probably just spend hours staring at my own boobs."

"This is a happy song. It's called Dead Flowers."

"I like walking around downtown randomly. It makes me feel important!"

"Really, how many times besides this will you get to say 'pedophile werewolf' in context?"

Ryan [M]

"This place is full of decomposing nonsense."


"I'm allergic to allergy medication."


"What happens if you get scared half to death twice?"


"Her features are unfortunate."


"I probably have some new disease or something. I shall call it Yuripownedu disease... so like, if anyone ever gets it, they know they probably caught it from me."

"I like food too much to be anorexic, and I like taking a dump too much to be bulemic."

"Rebecca, you are a smurf, why aren't you deported. I left some sand in your shoes, and a sandwich on play in the VCR. There's water in the floors. And the dog needs walking, it's a crucial skill.

Won't be back, wash the butter

P.S. don't lie face down on your pillow"

"Would you be more excited about wearing a helmet if they were called Cranium Condoms?"

"Your birthday is too close to mine. Go birth yourself on another day."

"You're so emo you killed yourself and came back to life so you could cry about it."


"My dog could barf and publish it on Wikipedia." -Dr. Smale

"If Massive Attack farted on a record, I would buy it." -Mr. Steponas

"It was beef sans beef." -Mr. Steponas

"This is Men's Pocky. If you eat it, you'll grow chest hair." -Mr. Steponas

"'He took a wife'? That sounds so stupid. It makes it sound like he went 'Here's a wife, I'll take her'." -Ms. Hooke

"[This painting] is the real 'Where's Waldo' of the Renaissance." -Ms. Hooke


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"The length of time it takes for a bus to arrive is equal to the length of time it takes to light a cigarette." -Billie's mom

"If he blatantly taped it to his forehead and went out in public, he was clearly looking to get arrested. There's no other reason to have your weed taped to your forehead in any other circumstance. And don't say "omg lulz the drugs made him do it!", because marijuana does not make you tape bags of itself on your forehead." -TheMissingno.

"Nobody pronounces "about" as "a-boot". Except for Billie, but she was talking about a boot." -Jamie

"I wanna be cool and sit next to the hippie." -Katie D

"Santa came and he didn't kick your ass." -My mom

"If you don't do it, mysterious things will be shoved up your butt." -Christopher

"Lake Panasonic? More like Lake TVs. Or Lake DVD Players." -Evert

"Let's stay out late and be irresponsible." -Aaron [M]

"What's PMS? Is it PokeMonSex?!" -Goran

"The Spice Girls are on TV. They still can't sing." -Paisley's dad

Multiple People

Joe: [the Burger King chicken nuggets] are crown-shaped.
Me: They're cute.
Joe: They're REGAL.

psychicrider362 (11:09:03 PM):
We need a Lady Gaga Pokemon
Lala Koala (11:09:10 PM):
it's called jynx >:/

(Yorkie Bars are from England and their slogan is "it's not for girls".)
Janet: Rebecca and I eat th[ese Yorkie bars] all the time.
Joe: Hey, yeah, you showed me that stuff before.
Janet: It's really really good. I don't care if I become more man from eating it.
Joe: Well, you already seem to possess the ability to switch genders as the plot demands.
Janet: True, so I think I'm good... I'm just worried about Rebecca...
Joe: I'm sure she has similar, Pokémon themed powers. She is a legend, and they are generally genderless.

Janet: Joe is a pedophile.
Joe: That was a rumor!

Sophie: Mecke, I don't like you as a person.
Alison: Do you like him as a plant?

Moira: Oh, look what the cat dragged in!
Sarah [G]: Excuse me! I dragged in the cat.

Math test: If Maryann is a bit short of money to pay her rent, what might she do to have enough to cover it?
Dani [W]: Sell crack.

(some stoner guys in my class keep saying "get RIPPED!")
Me: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Mr. Stratton: TO GET RIPPED!

Mr. Steponas: What are you doing?
Moira: Oh, you know, filling up the school computer with viruses.
Mr. Steponas: Well, if you want to download the porn virus, that's okay.

Me: Yes, Sophie, these are REAL Girl Guide cookies.
Laura [S]: Are they made of REAL Girl Guides?

Emilie: Do we have to wear our lifejackets inside?
Marla: You never know when you may drown.

Lindsay: Is this song from Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Alex:'s Greased Lightning.

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