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Rebecca Quotes II

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-Mike M.
-Mike S.
-Multiple People


"Rebecca, you are so awesome. I could tell you any crap like "I RAN OVER A COFFEE" and you'd still reply to it, unlike other people who would just be like "huh" and change the subject and only care about themselves." -Dany

“Or make up another meaning for cactus. You could be cactus chefs cousin! :O (OMFG CCC!)” -Dany

"In other MEGA IMPORTANT NEWS, Mike just showed me a band whose name is 36. so excited. My life is complete. It's ambient music, but I don't care! I'm listening to it, and I guess it's not that bad. XD Their name is freaking 36, so I MUST listen to their songs no matter what! =[ *is being extremely silly*" -Dany

"You never know when some Evil Sticker Wasting punk might come into your room with the sole purpose of using these! :O" -Dany

dany the dot says (11:59 PM):
wait brb, my breath smells

dany the dot says (9:26 PM):
*i like how young link looked in Oracle of ages/seasons :wub:
*ew, that makes me sound like a pedophile
*delete delete delete

dany the dot says (12:10 AM):
*dude alttp is hard and boring

"i can't deal with all these feelings!!! lana kesha and miley delivering kickass songs/albums!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HEART IS GOING TO EXPLODE FROM JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Dany

“tumblr forever ruined "valid" for me. =[ there's a database where, whenever we edit a document, we have to validate if it has a proper format before saving, and it's like....the pop-up window [Validation: JSON is valid!] is so enthusiastic it sounds like a tumblr user being all like "the document is valid uwu"” -Dany

“jajajaj corona!! :D whoops the spanish laugh came out of me =[” -Dany

“that's weird, i can't see thorin's message, it just shows up blank. i think my phone automatically blocks people's messages for those that think alttp isn't hard and/or boring. interesting!!!!” -Dany

“no one knows where BotW takes place [in the Zelda timeline] and frankly W H O C A R E S
it takes place in a garbage dump“ -Dany

“wearing band shirts is vital to a happy life =[” -Dany

"Why is there a lumberjack at the window? Oh, it's my mom." -Jordan

“I finally watched Grave of the Fireflies. It’s too sad. I’m never watching it again for the rest of my life.” -Jordan

“Red Dead Redemption: Grand Theft Stagecoach.” -Jordan
Mike M.

“I wish I could love a game as much as Rebecca has loved Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.” -Mike M.

"[imitating a conservative carnie] You liberals are ruining the world! I'm going to lift a beer bottle with a hoop!!" -Mike M.

“I can understand valid reasons why someone would choose iPhone over Android or vice versa. But I will never understand why someone would choose a WINDOWS PHONE!!!” -Mike M.
Mike S.

- mike | somedays aren't yours at all, they come and go as if they're someone else's days says (11:49 PM):
on a scale of so much better to who gives a shit about iron maiden how much better was it than no prayer for the dying?

"nothing says christmas like tacky metal covers of dumb songs" -Mike S.

"I gave the title deed to the dude stuck in the toilet. This deku flower can now be freely used by all. Private property has been eliminated in Clock Town. It is a stunning victory for the masses." -Mike S.

"in an attempt to trick me the bastards who run The Sound Academy, toronto’s absolute shittiest music venue, have renamed themselves Rebel do not be fooled by this treachery" -Mike S.

"i’ve seen this ad [for Rebel] every single time i’ve signed into facebook for the last month and a half. their siren song will never end" -Mike S.

"we are very Blessed to live in a world where beer is real" -Mike S.

“lord let my son live long enough to see ticketmaster torn down” -Mike S.

"Ketchup on Kraft Dinner is an insult to God." -Mike S.

“I finally have some half and half. I've been drinking milk with my coffee like some kind of barbarian for 3 months!!” -Mike S.

“Since Windsor is so close to Detroit many people use Fahrenheit and inches but I'm glad nobody uses fake nonsense like quarts” -Mike S.

“There isn't an emoji powerful enough to express the loss of that [Adrian Smith] account” -Mike S.

“[The Catholic channel] jumps at rapid speed from like just rosaries and church mass or w/e to weirdo youth cult Catholicism” -Mike S.

“When I was 7 I picked toothpaste based on the dinosaur pictures on the tube. Now I’m 27 and I buy beer based on the Iron Maiden pictures on the can” -Mike S.

“if you’re out getting groceries and you see an open lane, do not go there. the cashier is taking a break
but also don’t go to a lane with a lineup, you’re just stressing out the cashier there
your best bet is to put your groceries back where you found them and go home“ -Mike S.

“just remembered I have to go back to work tomorrow. sad and pissed off
If you don't have your Thanksgiving dinner by now you can get bent IMHO“ -Mike S.

“Bert is the original Squidward” -Mike S.

“I was happier when I just thought of [the “hands in my pockets” commercial] as a absurd commercial about weirdos disrespecting personal space instead of being like
A bank commercial lol” -Mike S.

“I've never heard of [beans on toast] and it sounds like a crime against god” -Mike S.

“'accidentally look obsessed with Cars' is one of your aesthetics.” -Ray

"Okay you were right, both Iron Maiden and the Arrogant Worms are awesome." -Niroht

“I see Mike's midway through the lumberjack transformation I assume all Canadian men undergo” -Niroht

“What’s this crappy music? I thought this was Boom radio, not Bum radio.” -Zack

“Old Spice should have a women’s brand called Spice Girls.” -Zack

"In woodwork I was an abject failure, although I designed and built the world's most useless and uncomfortable chair and the most incompetent set of bookshelves yet devised." -Bruce Dickinson

"My tutor was a very nice old lady, and I think she might actually have experienced most of The Cambridge Medieval History she so adored." -Bruce Dickinson

"In the finest tradition of toilet archaeology, shit was about to happen." -Bruce Dickinson

"Had I chosen to include airships, wives, divorces, children and entrepreneurial activities this would have been approaching 800 pages long. It would have been the type of book that people use to commit murder, or help change tyres on London buses. One thing is for sure — it would be a very unread Christmas present." -Bruce Dickinson

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Multiple People

"I hate root beer." "Then why did you drink it?" "The chair told me to." -Me, Jordan, Matt & Patrick

Me: Mike what carrier did you go with??
Mike: Freedom
Dany: rogers?? 👀
Mike: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma: [This purse] had a stupid owl on it.
Uncle Art: I thought owls were wise, now they're stupid??

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